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Products of BIС-Inform

About our company

20 years of excellent work

«BIC-Inform» today – it is:

Research Design – development and projecting of modern systems in electronics, mechanics and optics fields, functional operation with system integrators.

Project Design Department – preparing and realization of all kinds of projects of any complexity. Cooperation with developers and technical department, what allows to create a high quality product, based on world's leading suppliers equipment in security systems field , as well as on the own production equipment.

Production Department – assembling and laboratory tests of equipment for security systems, TV cameras and cameras housings for different areas of use, serial production of line of PTR. Production department also provides technical support on at all production stages.

Optics – it is professional selection of lenses of world's leading suppliers, which are used for CCTV and computer vision. It is a projecting and adaption for special and unconventional challenges.

«PROGMATIC» - our own trade mark , represents the equipment , which meets highest demands of safety, quality, wide functional and high operating characteristics.

«Giraffe» - our own economy class trade mark for CCTV systems equipment.
Trading house – sale of CCTV system equipment, access control, security alarm, fire alarm,  on-door speakerphones and etc.

Service center - warranty repair, post-warranty repair and service maintenance.

Representative office in Moscow – has own warehouse and commercial department. Representative office arranges the meetings with customers and seminars.

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